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Tommy hilfiger

hero tour 2020

Despite a year conditioned by the global health situation, the appointment with Tommy Hilfiger and his 2020 eyewear collection is renewed.

The idea is to create a bright and multimedia lantern in the center of Milan, a technological hub capable of transmitting the innovative values of the brand.

Once the user enters the entrance portal, completely covered with LED walls, he is catapulted into a 360 ° experience. The eyewear models on display communicate with the user through an interactive and technological system, showing the degree of compatibility with the wearer and telling details and curiosities about the selected product. A green screen technology allows to teleport to dream places, take an analog snapshot and post the digital version on social channels.

In addition, a custom-made app allows to participate in a virtual treasure hunt thanks to augmented reality : by collecting all the flags hidden inside the booth, it’s possible to gain an original TH gadget.

A successful event and a strong signal for the whole city in a particularly difficult moment.



Public Event | Product Experience | Consumer Engagement | Digital Marketing

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