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Tommy Hilfiger for his 2022 eyewear collection has created a trilogy of highly technological lenses to offer maximum protection and visual confort in different scenarios: beach, city and mountain.

The perfect synthesis between style and functionality.

The promotion could only be itinerant, a journey that reached beaches, cities and mountains in Italy and Europe aboard a technological, immersive and educational truck, projecting a large international audience into the style and innovation of TH.

In addition to display the entire collection, the VR stations allow guests to travel to some of the most beautiful locations in the world and observe them in 360° through the lenses filters. The touch tables allow in-depth study of details, research and technologies that characterize the trilogy.

To attract and amuse passers-by, two simulators make possible to speed along waves, roads and snowy slopes aboard a technological board that transformsusers into surfers, skaters and snowboarders. The video game was designed ad hoc according to client’s requests.



Road Tour | Consumer Engagement | Product Experience

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