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ASCEND 2024 _ Digital EVENT

QuidelOrtho, a global leader in in vitro diagnostics, entrusted us with the design of their annual EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) meeting, asking us to create an engaging and memorable event capable of uniting the entire team in a virtual ascent to the top of the mountain, a metaphor for the company’s unified growth towards its goals. Hence the name ASCEND, the concept and guiding thread of the entire event.

The goal was achieved through a skillful combination of cinematic video content, shot in various locations on Monte Rosa, and footage recorded at our PLATONE studios, where green screen filming, remote connections, special effects, graphic animations, and engagement activities allowed us to create a three-day event with a decidedly television-like approach and a high level of entertainment and collective participation.

It was a wonderful challenge for the entire team, from international logistics to coordinating all the people involved, from designing custom uniforms to choosing locations and settings, from animating the meeting content to broadcasting it worldwide, from catering to hair and makeup, nothing was left to chance.

Thanks to technology, creativity, and a strong spirit of collaboration with the client, we were able to transform this annual appointment into an extraordinary hybrid event that left a memorable impression on the viewers, who, despite being connected remotely, felt like active participants in an epic and engaging mission.



Digital Event | Filmmaking | VFX | Broadcasting | Post-production

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